About Us

Claudia Walker

Claudia is a sole practitioner in Victoria. She graduated in 1987 from U of A and has worked in both Canada and Australia since. Currently she is mainly focused on Cost of Future Care work as well as cognitive FCE opinions. Her main concern about the upcoming changes is the loss of self determination we will all have. ICBC will be in control of treatment and care for as long as they choose. The loss of legal advocacy will leave us with vulnerable to their decisions.

Hilary Drummond

Hilary Drummond graduated from the U of Alberta in 1977 making this her forty third year as an OT! She has worked in a variety of settings starting one of the first private practice’s in 1986. She sold her practice in 2016 and is now semiretired without an active caseload, but continues to be passionate about being an occupational therapist. Hilary’s concerns about No Fault include the secrecy both ICBC and CAOT have shown during the planning process. If it is going to be such a great thing for claimants, therapists and the province why has the process been so non-transparent. Hilary is also concerned about the honesty ICBC is demonstrating in this process. Many of the details of Bill 11 have not been decided and yet that bill has been passed in the legislature. What does this mean for the citizens of BC when ICBC has the control over all their rehabilitation needs?

Fran Goldberg

Fran is a sole practitioner living in the Comox Valley. She provides case management and rehab services, primarily with individuals with traumatic brain injuries, mental health difficulties, or other complex medical or social issues. She obtained her occupational therapy degree in 1983 and law degree in 1990, both from the University of Toronto. Her primary concern about the “Enhanced Care” model relates to the discretion it provides to ICBC to deny rehab benefits, in violation of human rights of the most vulnerable members of our society. Wage loss provisions also have an adverse discriminatory impact on the disabled, the marginalized, the unemployed, the young, the elderly, etc.
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