OT Alliance BC has researched options for Liability Insurance for Occupational Therapists who are not renewing with CAOT. We have researched our options and several of our members have opted to purchase Individual Liability Insurance through AoN Reid Stenhouse Inc.  This is not a group policy; hence, each therapist needs to review the policy and ensure that it meets their insurance requirements. OT Alliance BC does not require / encourage any members to purchase through AoN. These attachments are simply being posted on our website as a resource for OT’s.

You can call for more information or email the application to AoN and they will get back to you after about one week as they are extremely busy now with individual renewal applications for various other health professionals.
Toll Free: 1.800.448-2539  
Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.
Please make sure to get your forms in as soon as possible if you need coverage by October 1, 2020.


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