Under ICBC's 'Enhanced Care', occupational therapy remains the only health profession that does not have pre-authorized treatment sessions. Clients are at great risk of not having access to occupational therapy services. Maureen’s story of how her occupational therapist facilitated her recovery will hopefully make it clear how this change will impact us if we are injured. 'On September 3rd, 2016 I sustained multiple injuries when I was knocked off my bike by a car. The most severe injury was a concussion. I was in great distress and I couldn’t grasp what was wrong with me. My lawyer referred me to an occupational therapist. I was convinced I could do it all myself as my concussion meant I was attempting activities that were unsafe.  Having the support of my OT, the rehabilitation assistant and housekeeping assistance allowed me to focus on my recovery. There are no words to express my gratitude for the Occupational Therapist and the support she arranged for me. Having this support and rehabilitation was critical in my overall recovery, both physical and emotionally.  No other therapist came to my home, sat at my table, really saw my problems and got to work to help me through this crisis in my life.'

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